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Great set of buds, although a bit upscale on the price.

 - A bit expensive for in-ears that don't have a detachable cable, although it comes with a lifetime warranty which is what you pay extra for.   - SQ is great for the music i listen to. (Hip-hop, progressive rock, r&b, pop, house, dubstep)   Highs are very sharp and clear and offer no sibilance at all. Mids are smooth. Precise bass, including sub-bass and mid-bass.   - The design on the MTPC is great. Very modern, chrome finish and eye-catching.   - The included ear-buds offered me less than average comfort. Only two pairs of tips out of the dozens of tips included in the box. I set out to buy a set of t-400 comply tips and im currently...
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Head-Fi.org › IanPadilla › Reviews by IanPadilla