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Incredibly sound quality for the price,


Pros: Very Good Sound, Natural and Flat Sound, For Classical and Jazz Music

Cons: Is not suitable for every type of music, may sound a bit harsh highs

I bought the product 3 months ago.  Beyerdynamic DT660 Premium Edition is fantastic headphone.  Very natural sound for the price. İt has flat sound but dont tired of listening to music. May sound a bit harsh treble. Give yourself time to get used to your ears. According to closed headphones, with fairly large stage. DT660 has a larger scene and bigger than DT770. DT 660's isolation is considered good enough. I would definitely recommend it for classical music, instrumental music, jazz and rock music...     technical data Transmission type   Wired Headphone...
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Head-Fi.org › kerasertuero › Reviews by kerasertuero