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Fantastic intro canalphones


Pros: Seals like a champ, wide assortment of tips, abundant bass, well made cord

Cons: possible shrill upper mids

So, I've always used sealed or open back, over the ear, big boy headphones.   Tried a pair of garbage kinda-sorta-in-ear phones from best buy a couple years ago and hated every second of it. I was looking for something to wear on the subway that would both provide solid sound quality and wouldn't make my wallet sad if they fell apart after a year or so. I definitely found them.   For only 20 dollars, these are probably the best intro to canalphones I think you can find. The huge assortment of included tips not only ensure you'll find a pair that feel comfortable to you, but also help you learn what a bad, good, and great seal sound like.   As has been said,...
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Head-Fi.org › humblesound › Reviews by humblesound