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Pros: Sweet design, nice pads, Great quality

Cons: Too tight around head, annoying jack, expensive

I'll try to keep this short  I'm very impressed with this set of cans. As other reviews say: The quality is awesome. They have nice, strong bass, nice highs, and nice mids (not sure why eveyone says they're recessive. They sound fine to me, but I'm not quite yet an audiophile. These headphones do have a downside, though (from my experience, at least). They really clamp on your head. Hopefully they will start to feel better over time, but as of now: they are tight. Next, the damn jack. That thing had me freaked out at first. First, try to just put it in your computer. See if it works fine. If it doesn't, do not worry: you just didn't jam that ******* in. On my laptop, I had to...
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Head-Fi.org › Beanbaker › Reviews by Beanbaker