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VE Zens.. Amazing sound!


Pros: Amazing sound, durable

Cons: Not the flashiest looking earbuds in town

Back in March, I received the Zens from Lee of Venture Electronics in exchange for my honest impressions. I was a bit hesitant because I have never enjoyed earbuds, and that bias had me a bit concerned that I would end up having to write potentially less than positive impressions. But thank goodness I bit, because the Zens are amazing.   There are plenty of excellent and informative Zen reviews out there, so I'm going to keep my impressions brief. The main genres I listen to are progressive rock (Porcupine Tree, Rush, Radiohead etc), rock (Dave Mathews, Dire Straits etc), electronica (progressive house trance), and some pop.   When I got the Zens out of the box, my...
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Head-Fi.org › waynes world › Reviews by waynes world