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Too muddy: You can do better for $100


Pros: Elevated bass, decent electronic sound

Cons: Clamping (See review), muddy midrange, recessed treble.

I bought these on clearance from Radio Shack for $100 on a day when I was off from school. This was my first $100+ pair of headphones, and I have to say, I'm very pleased with the result. First, I'm going to go over some main complaints, and how I feel about them. 1) The fit. V-MODA decided to place the drivers super close to your ears, so if you have remotely protruding ears like mine, you'll only be able to keep them on an hour at a time. HOWEVER, if you get a foam pad off of a cheap pair of come-withs, and place them in the cups, the headphones feel phenomenally better than before. It just so happened that the pads in my come-with headphones have foam pads that fit exactly...
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Head-Fi.org › 3l3tric › Reviews by 3l3tric