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Almost perfect


Pros: superb build quality, very portable, well balanced sound

Cons: not very comfortable for people with big heads, style could be less tacky-flashy, wind noise!

Got these babies as a present for my birthday half a year ago. I was looking to get audiophile-quality closed-back versatile headphones for everyday use. Please note: I tend to desribe deficiencies to further extent than the pros. Factor this in when reading the review below.   My use cases:   Listening to wide variety of music - mostly FLAC and 256-320kbps MP3. Sources: Laptop Realtek HD soundcard, workstation Asus Essence STI soundcard, Nokia n900 mobile, Samsung S3 mobile.   Amateur film production - on-set use for recording, mixing and monitoring. Use as reference editing monitors for final-cut sound mixing and editing. My other "studio" speakers are...
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Head-Fi.org › andr0id › Reviews by andr0id