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Smooth and Natural


Pros: New modular cable design feels very solid and well executed, relatively flat sound signature, Bass is present but not obtrusive.

Cons: Getting a proper fit is difficult at first.

These are my second pair of Shure IEMs. I had enjoyed the SE210s for a long time before taking the plunge on these. Since these are meant to be worn up only and the cable rotates freely where it attaches to the monitor, it took some getting used to the new cable design. Sound quality is definitely leaps and bounds above the SE210s. The bass is IMO much more substantial on the 425s but very fitting to the music I listen to (all shades of rock). I tried sampling some electronic music with these IEMs and was quite impressed but I will warn that these IEMs do not produce "Pounding" bass.   Design and Fit The new modular cable design seems almost perfectly executed - The cables...
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Head-Fi.org › MrAvenger › Reviews by MrAvenger