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Techno Kid was right about these being good!


Pros: Bass, mids, treble and soundstage are of very good quality.

Cons: Bass quantity is small for those who like a lot of bass.

Here is my review on the audio quality of the Rockit Sounds R-50. LISTENING BACKGROUND Besides the headphones/IEMs, from my experience audio quality is also affected by the following conditions, which I list in order of impact: 1) Equalization.  This is a must for me with enough equalizer bands to be able to tailor the sound to what my ears desire.  31 bands or more is the ideal.  So, PMPs with 5 or 7 EQ bands do not qualify for me. 2) Quality of recording.  This is also a must, in order to have a good audio quality.  Nowadays there should be no CDs with low audio quality, but they still exist and there is not much that I can do about this. 3) Amplification....
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Head-Fi.org › Alberto01 › Reviews by Alberto01