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MonoPrice DJ style headphones


Pros: Price, Removable cord, Come's with two cords(one small, one studio sized), "DJ" style cups, Great Isolation factor

Cons: Top headband is a little too hard, the ear pad's don't breath at all.

For the price these are perfect headphones, all of the cons are very easy to over look at $20+ Shipping. I think everyone should have a pair, even non audiophiles! They would make perfect back up or travel cans.   The fit is alright, the top of the headband is a little hard after long use and the ear pads don't breath very well.   The sound is pretty good! Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop... They all sound great though these. They are also easy to drive, no amp is "needed" with them. My cell phone, Tablet, PC and Mp3 player all drive them with relative ease.   I don't regret getting these cheap bad boys for a second, you should get'em!
Head-Fi.org › SoundOfKhaos › Reviews by SoundOfKhaos