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Pros: Sound, Comfortibility of fit, Sound isolation

Cons: Design, Materials used , Shorting out

After more than a week of research, I purchased these monitors solely based on the reviews I read on this website. Although am NOT a music professional, I do enjoy quality products such as these. Having to wait as long as I did for them to ship to me, out in Afghanistan, was like waiting to open Christmas presents in the morning. I was pretty excited, to say the least.   Upon first inspection, I first unboxed them and saw the cheap plastic that supposedly houses the "magic" parts inside the ear. I was moderately concerned that I might break them or drop them and be out of $350 USD, but I looked beyond it and tried them out.   Next, I go to plug them into my ipod to...
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Head-Fi.org › chaselee122 › Reviews by chaselee122