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Brainwavz M1- Indeed Good


Pros: Rich sound, Good Bass, Above average Detailing

Cons: The design and 'high frequency sounds' need to be bettered.

I purchased my pair of Brainwavz M1 two weeks back. In fact it is the first headphone that i purchased for quite an expensive price. Hence i don't know how many of you would take my review as a credible one. My first impression of the product is that, its the best quality sound that i've experienced till date. Coming to the technicalities (that i'm not at all an expert in), let me say that Brainwavz M1 gave me the best detailing so far. The lows are quite conspicuous, which implies that the bass is superb. The mids are good enough, and if there is anything that could be bettered, it is the highs. Talking about build quality and design (things that i don't care about much); the...
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Head-Fi.org › Mathews Joseph › Reviews by Mathews Joseph