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Amazing for the price


Pros: Impactful lows, Detail/clarity, Soundstage & separation, Overall sound representation

Cons: Weight, burn-in required for mids to open up

I've always looked into "budget-fi" since I've got more interested in proper headphones thus making me get the CALs, Takstar Pro 80s and now the Somic MH463. I will be doing some direct comparisons between the Pro 80s and MH463 since the CALs aren't really in the same ballpark in terms of sound quality, but they're no slouches either. They're both regarded as the best solutions in their price range so I want to help future buyers to decide on which one to get. Keep in mind these 3 are the only "real" headphones I've owned. They're being powered by Xonar DG.   Price: Got mine from miniinthebox for 52$ shipped, they also offer tax and customs insurance and the shipping is done by DHL...
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Head-Fi.org › weirdek › Reviews by weirdek