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Stylish and detailed with amazing sound.


Pros: Fantastic build, engaging sound, great accessories, super cool carrying case, very responsive to EQ, customizable, portable

Cons: White case is prone to stains, not great worn around the neck, bass is slightly overpowering with some genres, audio cable frays

I was one of the lucky few who received the M-100 back in September as part of a Head-Fi.org promotion, so I've had ample time listening, wandering, traveling, subwaying and airplaning these heaphones. I've also had some time to compare the M-100 to my other pair of V-MODA headphones, the V-80, as well as to other headphones I've managed to play with at various retailers in New York City such as the Apple Store and B&H Photo.   My video review is located at the bottom of this text.   Form and Function: The photos of the M-100, especially the one gracing the front of its box, are misleading. It is indeed as aesthetically pleasing in person as the pictures suggest...
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Head-Fi.org › SpiderNhan › Reviews by SpiderNhan