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Large and crisp


Pros: Clarity, fit, memory wire

Cons: honestly can't think of any

Got these for $20 shipped on Amazon, official sites had msrp at $50 but a price of $30.  In addition to the bargain I really can't find fault in these.  Even if you have some IEMs in a higher price bracket I recommend a pair in case of emergencies, you might not go back :P

good sound, but not all that comfortable


Pros: affordable and clean sounding

Cons: uncomfortable

While I don't own these anymore and they may not be as fresh in my mind as they should I know I liked these headphones.  Despite being slightly uncomfortable and not something I would wear for an extended period they had a great clean and clear sound and I don't remember any problems with to much sound getting in, or to much music getting out in public.  I might recommend them to someone looking for a set of headphones for on the go in this price point ($20-30), but wouldn't consider them a primary.

About what you expect


Pros: affordable and comfortable

Cons: muddy bass, cheap feel and to long a cord

These were an impulse buy while at Ross or Tj Maxx with my wife after losing a pair of Sony MDR-V250V's and not really knowing much about headphones.  I would not recommend these to anyone serious about their sound.  Even though they boast an extended frequency response both ways (7-21,000 Hz), it is not noticeable on the high end and only serves to make things muddy on the low end.  In addition, I listen to much of my music on the go and there are two flaws in these headphones that make them a poor choice for this.  First, they are not closed, both letting in noise and letting out music.  Second, they have an obnoxiously long cord measuring in at almost 10 feet...
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Head-Fi.org › BearSpace › Reviews by BearSpace