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Fiio joins the big league.


Pros: Capacity, power, battery life and sound quality.

Cons: Could use a better wheel. Interface needs a bit more tuning.

Hello everyone, My late review of the X5 due to PC issues.     Headphones used: AD900X, MDR-F1, HD25-ii, JVC SZ2000, Fischer FA-011, JH16 and FXZ200.     To start with, no pictures since they were all lost along with the review so I will keep it short and sweet.     To begin with, the player feels sold and well built compared to the X3 and should be able to hold its own against the rest of the DAP bunch.   The buttons feel well built and nice to the touch although the wheel could use a more rigid gearing compared to the one it has now as it feels too loose at times.     Moving on to the display, the display seems nice and clear...
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Head-Fi.org › gikigill › Reviews by gikigill