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Chord Hugo review inc’ Bawlers & Lovers


Pros: Excellent connectivity with a multitude of devices, sounds great even with less expensive gear

Cons: None to think of

It’s not often I get stirred to contemplate writing a review but needs & urges get the better of me at times and for my 3,000th post on Head-Fi I wanted to do something epically tantalising… I suppose I should start with a few of the necessaries for the technically challenged but in essence I will be primarily be concentrating on the portable aspects of Chord’s Hugo DAC/Amp…   DAC/Amp: Chord Hugo (UK cost £1,400) Source: Sony Walkman ZX1 (UK cost £549) Headphones: Heir 5.0 IEM’s (UK cost £380 approx.) Accessories: Sony USB conversion cable (UK cost £25 approx) & Hugo leather case (UK cost £99) File Types: Sony Atrac Advanced Lossless & WAV (both types uploaded from...
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Head-Fi.org › OK-Guy › Reviews by OK-Guy