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Great for Metal


Pros: Great for Rock/Metal, distorted guitar tone is not harsh

Cons: fatiguing after a couple hours, extremely cheap construction

My reference is primarily with inner ear monitors (UE10pro) and the Beyerdynamic DT770.     I've been listening to the SR225i's for a few days and have developed a few opinions...  I've been wanting Grado's for a long time, but I've never jumped on a pair because of criticisms of cheap construction, narrow soundstage and overly colored mid-ranges.  I finally jumped on the SR225i's because it seemed like the best I was going to do for $200 sound quality-wise and these are constantly referenced as some of the best "Rock" headphones.     I should note that I almost exclusively listen to Hard Rock and Power Metal.  I understand that these genres...
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Head-Fi.org › BIGtrouble77 › Reviews by BIGtrouble77