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A great ANC can with AKG brand natural sound


Pros: Most neutral sound, great design built to last, rugged cables, comfortable cushions, ANC that works pretty well, Great quality even with ANC off

Cons: Heavy, On ear, not over ear, ANC on/off switch is painful, ANC not as good as Bose QC15 (IDK, according to reviews), Costly

These are MSRPed at $399 and sometimes sold at $349. I got it at amazon for $299. I got lucky.    I am really happy with these cans. The first thing I noticed was its beautiful finish and neat design. It's highly portable, designed with the a person who is constant on move in mind. It seems to me that AKG wanted to give great quality sound with noise cancellation and that's what they pretty much achieved.    I have Bose AE2 and IE2 and I have to tell you, these are far more superior sounding. Looking and reading at lots of reviews online, I realized that they are not only a lot more natural sounding than Bose, but perhaps right on top along with other...
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Head-Fi.org › anupam kumar1 › Reviews by anupam kumar1