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High-end in a box


Pros: sweet, airy, fast, lively, musical sound, large soundstage - built in DAC, good built

Cons: -

Overpriced, design stuff, the most people will think at first looking at these small high-end mobile speakers. Not at all, these sounds better then my Triangle-Yamaha hifi which is twice the Focal's price used. This is a good entry level audiophile system for computer (or iPod) use.  The computer and iPod will use their built in DAC. I compared this with B&W MM-1, Audioengine A2, A5, in detail, power, soundstage, musicality won above all.   I even had the opportunity to compare these Focals with a $10.000 custom hi-fi system, and with a high-end Goodmans system, of course those sounded better in every way but..  the Focal's sound were closer then i'd belive...
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My bestest headphones


Pros: neutral, clarity, soundstage, lively, comfortable, easy to repair

Cons: ear and headband pad replacement are expensive and doesn't last forever

Personally i prefer this design over the HD600

A nice piece of heated meatloaf


Pros: Well detailed, never harsh, sweet midrange

Cons: Rolled off treble, not an all-rounder, not as engaging

I liked them much with instrumental music or whatever that does not require a large soundstage. Others mentioned that it has a large soundstage for an IEM, i agree. It doesn't have the crisp, lively sound my most of music requires so i sold them.

AKG K550


Pros: detailed, clean, balanced, no need of powerful amp

Cons: unexciting, harsh on some frequencies

It doesn't really need amp, but it benefits from them. My ears got tired of listening to them.

The earbud i won't forget


Pros: Full-sized headphone like sound

Cons: build quality could be better, It may sound a bit harsh on high volumes

These were my sweetest sounding head-gear yet. It would be brilliant all-rounder if it would not require a portable amp for portable use. This is the first reason i left it, otherwise i almost got an ear infection from those foams.., they get dirty in a few weeks of massive use. I recommend them to clean, i boiled them in water.

Sweet dream world


Pros: Nice mids, very easy to drive, very good build

Cons: lack of realistic sound

I had it for a week then sent back, i didn't like the slow and unrealistic presentation. Rolled off treble made it sound like a tetris with electronic music. It was an acceptable performance for most of genres, exceptionally good with instrumental music. Very comfortable and it has never been harsh.
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