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Aurisonics AS-2's - Like being a kid in a candy store with a bag full of quarters

  Introduction A few months ago I decided to get myself a pair of Custom In-Ear Monitors. I decided to buy the AS-1's as I liked the ideas behind them very much, but Dale Lott of Aurisonics surprised me and gave me a sneak preview before anyone else of what would come. The AS-2's I received are considered prototypes. I will go back and forth between calling them prototypes and regular AS-2's as I see fit due to what I know has changed or not since I received my pair. But please understand that they are very much indeed prototypes, as they were in my possession before the official release and also has one added and one missing component.   Pros Stellar audio...
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Head-Fi.org › kenman345 › Reviews by kenman345