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HiSound's self-proclaimed best sub $100 IEM on the market!


Pros: Cable, small clamshell case, bass quality, forward mids.

Cons: Prone to driver flex, bad fit on smaller ears, overly bassy; these are my main caveat.

Alright, to be fair they did also say "best IMEs under USD 100"... okay, I shouldn't be mean and nitpick on typos. We all make typos.   This will actually be my second review write-up from a hisoundaudio review chance. Grateful to Jack of hisoundaudio for opening these positions! The previous model that I tried was actually a POPO, which in comparison these were a BIG leap from there. In the good direction.   For all purposes and intent of this review, I did not use any amps for these. Ever since my review on the Chord & Major earphones, I've only gotten more picky about sound; what was probably a good bass-head IEM the POPO was, today is quite the mediocre one. Well,...
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Head-Fi.org › kalbee › Reviews by kalbee