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Pros: Looks, sound quality, soundstage, comfort, everything

Cons: I love these cans

I have gone through many different cans from Grados to Beyers, all kinds of IEMs and still yet I have never been able to part ways with the 598s. I have listened to many high-end headphones and while they are better they are 5 times the price!! I think these are the best all around headphones money can buy, they are my favorite gaming headphone and will be for a very long time. These were my first audiophile can and was my gateway into the vast world of hi-fi, now I have the D7000 to compliment these with and could not be happier. Did I mention the looks of these cans, I think they are amongst the best looking cans out there. The comfort is fantastic and can easily wear them for hours...
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Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII(AD8610)


Pros: Small, all metal casing, high quality, easy to figure out

Cons: None so far!

I bought this amp a couple days ago, and have put about 20 hours of burn-in time on it. I am using this for IEM's and portable use with very little use with full-size cans. Right when I turned the Leckerton on it seemed like the curtain had been lifted and the stage opened up. Everything sounded crisper and the bass tightened up a lot. The dac is extremely quiet with no hiss or noise at all with IEM's, I really enjoyed the quality. I am using an iPod Classic 6G for portable use, and it is not too much bigger and fits in my pocket without a problem. If you are looking for a portable amp/dac in this price range, just save yourself some time and go for the Leckerton!



Pros: Clarity, Isolation, Comfort, and they look AMAZING!!

Cons: I guess a bit pricey but that's the only thing I could put here..

Buy them, if you are looking for headphones in this price range then just buy these. You will not regret it, unless you are looking for an IEM with tons of bass, then these may not suit you.

My new favorite IEM


Pros: Great sound, many tips, look awesome, great fit

Cons: A bit pricey

I just received my ie80's and am pretty blown away by how they can reproduce sound. I was pretty hesitant about getting IEM's but an upcoming trip had me start to look into it. After many reviews and write-ups I finally settled on the ie80's, I really like Sennheiser as well so my decision could have been a bit persuaded. At this point I am done with over the ear cans and am a new huge fan of IEM's, the sound is just presented in a whole new way! I am now getting impressions and will be ordering customs ASAP. Thanks for everyone who steered me in the right direction. Mahalo!

First time listening to these amazing cans!!


Pros: Amazing clarity with great separation. Bass was very nice. Huge soundstage.

Cons: A bit heavy. Hard to pay $1000 for a pair of headphones. Requires a very nice amp.

I just had a chance to finally listen to these Audez'e LCD-2 headphones and must say that these were absolutely amazing. My local shop had it paired with the Schiit Lyr (not sure if these pair well together) and they sounded very nice. The soundstage and separation were top notch and the bass was deep and very present. When you actually get to see and wear these cans you can tell immediately that they are very high quality and built with the finest materials. They are a bit heavy but it didn't bother me in any way. It seems crazy to pay $1000usd for headphones but compared to the HD800 and HiFiMan HE-6 they seem to be a great value. Before I listened to these I would never pay that high...
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Head-Fi.org › SennHI808 › Reviews by SennHI808