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Solid Starter Headphones


Pros: Comfort; Midrange; Clean strong bass; Non fatiguing sound

Cons: Rolled off highs; Not easy to drive

After getting a FiiO e10, to bypass the crappy onboard sound on my computer, I was looking for some headphones to replace my Sennheiser HD485's and to kind of justify the purchase of the DAC/amp. After perusing the forums I noticed a trend about the AKG 240's, they pop up only now and then as a recommendation, but, at the same time, they seem to be consensually regarded as solid headphone. This sparked my interest  as some other more recommended models (such as the M50) seem to be cast in a hype light, users generally usually either really like them or have a special dislike for them. So what makes them such consensual entry level cans? I guess comfort play a big part in this...
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Head-Fi.org › kAbUZi › Reviews by kAbUZi