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HF3 - Custom Fit Makes all the Difference


Pros: Great sound & isolation with reasonable comfort

Cons: Hard to find in stores, buttons, cord is a bit too long

  After being disappointed by the Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic, I decided to explore a set from a well-regarded company in the audio world. I had to pick something with Apple's in-line iPhone controls that could get good isolation and fit. Those were my complaints with the Apple product. The HF3 seemed to be well designed, and more importantly, they offered a custom-fit program at a very reasonable price.   The first problem was tracking the product down in a store. Etymotic lists the Apple Store, London Drugs, and Carbon Computing as the only authorized Canadian dealers. Not a lot to choose from there. Several attempts to get the HF3 from Carbon were a...
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Good for what it is


Pros: Dual drivers, low cost, cord length is perfect

Cons: Poor fit, poor isolation, unreliable 'clicker'

These are good-sounding 'phones at a very low price. They seem to have a split personality, however. The are more like ear buds trying to be canalphones. The tips are not well designed for they will fall out even with a little wear time. Just a hint of body warmth and moisture will quickly cause them to slip out. It is impossible to get a good seal without scrubbing the tips and washing out your ears. Even then, it won't last long.   I guess I should have tried third-party tips. Isolation is poor, of course, because they just don't seal well. The clicker failed pretty quickly, too. Oh well.
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