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Good for the money and beginners


Pros: Cheap, good overall quality, durability

I bought this little device a long time ago and have never done a review on it. Surprising.    Sound quality is quite good, it wont beat dedicated desktop setups, but in reality its a very small difference between them. E7 vs My 2012 Macbook Air is easily noticeable. Even if im not paying attention, the air has a good amount of feedback when playing or just having my earbuds in. Its noticeable on all of my headphones. The fiio sounds completely silent up until 50+ volume on my sensitive IEMs. And at that point your at noise deafening volumes, I accidentally plugged my IEMs in when the volume was at 60, never made that mistake again. Seriously was worried I had destroyed my...
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Head-Fi.org › Deathdeisel › Reviews by Deathdeisel