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Excellent for Starters


Pros: Balanced sound, controlled bass, not too bright

Cons: Earpads get uncomfortable at times, clamping force loosen after a while

As this is my first headphones that costed me over 50$, I kind of regretting buying it at first, because it costed too much. But after a while, I listen to it more and more and I came to like it. Very much. It felt very comfortable at first, but after a while, the pad hardens. I heard that the M50 pads has pads hardening issue, but from what I was told at the place where I bought it, they said I should always wipe the pads with a wet cloth and let it dry to prevent the pads from the hardening. Too late, it had already happened, and I only get to know of such information after 11 months of using it (and it's mostly due to me being a heavy sweater). The headband is very soft and...
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Worth the money.


Pros: Clear mids, not too bright, controlled bass, great isolation, good soundstage

Cons: Earbuds are not really comfortable.

The GR02 is certainly an amazing IEM for 40 dollars. It took me a while to get used with it, but it is great sounding. Soundstaging is pretty good, as I tried with a few live jazz and classical recordings. The bass is very controlled. Initially, the bass might be a little soft, but after messing around with the equalizer, I got the best bass I could get from the GR02. The bass might go over the other parts at times, but it depends on your music and how they were mastered. I daresay the GR02 is actually a great all rounder IEM. It sounds good out of the box. Hook it up to your player and you'll be amazed.

Clear, and Comfortable


Pros: Treble is good, vocals can be heard clearly, bass is not too loud.

Cons: Sounds crackling if too loud(from -5dB to 0dB)

I can't write detailed reviews but I just write about it from my experience.   Treble The treble part is pretty good on this headphones. You can hear them clearly, but it will sounds crackling if the volume is too loud.   Midrange Not bad, I can hear vocals clearly, and not too loud too.   Bass The bass is [strike]kinda[/strike] too soft actually. You might need to tweak the EQ to make it louder, and crossfeed might help.   Soundstage No soundstage, everything is just ordinary left and right.   That's all I can say. If you're looking for a cheap yet good quality headphone, this might be for you. It's comfortable too.
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