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Reviews by: jmotyka

Detailed and Fast with imperfections.


Pros: Clear, Precise, Decent bass.

Cons: Sounds weird in certain songs.

I have been using the xba-h1's for about three days now. I am no audiophile, What i am is someone who loves music and knows what good sound is. My past collections are piston 2.0, xba-3, shure se-215, klipsch x10, klipsch s4, v-sonic gr07, Among others and i have found these to be one of my favorite headphones. But there is something weird about the sound as a whole that i cant point my finger at. I know that i wish these had a more expansive soundstage. The treble could use quite a bit more extention and the mids i wish were alot more airy. Instrument separation is pretty impressive. Im still on a search for what is the perfect IEM for me, and have been for a long time....
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Head-Fi.org › jmotyka › Reviews by jmotyka