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Great Headphones


Pros: Good sound, Good value, Cord Length

Cons: Sub-par Comfort, Sharp highs.

After owning and using the HFI-780 for almost a year I am happy with the headphones. Sound Quality is good, bass is just ok but not powerful like some claim. Comfort is the weaker area but not that bad for me, that is compared to Senn HD-600's which are very comfy. Headphones can be worn for long periods of time but I found the top of band that rests on my head causes discomfort and I need to readjust them periodically. I found the clamping to not be an issue, It clamps nice and tight but not to tight. Construction is solid they will hold up with heavy use. The cord is nice and short about 3 feet and extension included, length is perfect for use with a laptop, I really hope more...
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Head-Fi.org › hoplite84 › Reviews by hoplite84