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Phiaton PS200: One of the Best earphones with sparkling highs...*conditions apply


Pros: Sparkling highs, excellent mids, good bass and beautiful soundstage

Cons: Bass light, too much highs (for some) especially at high volumes

Recommendations: TX100 Comply foam tips (MUST), wear it over-the-ear Avoid: Too high volumes, default tips   Out of the box they sound a bit harsh, but we can feel its pleasant soundstage. After 20 hrs of burn-in (driver) harshness reduced significantly but it bothered in quite a few recordings. Before returning them back I want to try them with Comply foam Tx100 tips which might increase the base and reduce high peaks to certain extent. Once I replaced with comply TX100 foam tips these headphones began to SING...REALLY TRUST ME. Typical sonic character: decent bass, excellent mids and excellent highs all together clubbed with BEAUTIFUL SOUNDSTAGE. You should listen to them to...
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Head-Fi.org › EnjoyMusic › Reviews by EnjoyMusic