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Brainwavz Zoning In: The Enjoyable S5


Pros: Well done mixture of likable sound qualities. Good comfort. Solid build quality.

Cons: More rubbery cable sheath not the best for noise and cable weight never lets you forget it is there. Gray tips may hurt air and clarity.

Brainwavz have been around since 2008 and have been working on providing improved and more original products as time has gone on. If you are familiar with the last round of Brainwavz offerings it was easy to see how they were improving and what they were attempting to try design-wise. We did see a very wide range of products from the brand in the Delta, S1, and R3. Fairly unique from each other in design, sound, and price. They have now introduced the S5 model priced at ~$99 with an excellent blend of sound traits, design, and quality. Many thanks to Audrey for sending me a pair of the S5.   The S5 page:  http://www.yourbrainwavz.com/s5.html     Specification...
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Head-Fi.org › jant71 › Reviews by jant71