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Audeo Phonak kill Nokia OEM headset for sound quality.


Pros: Very nice sound customizable with filters, comfy.

Cons: PFE122 mic not compatible with Nokia N8.

My first good set of IEM, and I gotta say they sound pretty good to me.  For my preferences the comply foam tips, offer the best in sound quality allowing better isolation and better bass.  The Grey filters they come with sound delicate, detailed, and spatial, organic and open sounding for what I was expecting.  The Black filters seem to darken the tone, smooth and extend the frequency response, providing more depth in the bass sound and not necessarily mask detail, but make it less noticable or harder to find, I like both filters for different reasons but prefer gray as they seem a more natural fit to the pfe's.
Head-Fi.org › scutterflux › Reviews by scutterflux