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the BEST $34 I've ever spent on ANYTHING!


Pros: Excellent bass response,clear as bell highs, rich mids, satisfying music listening experience

Cons: For $34 these cans have no cons to me

As many others have, I read the review by Malveax raving about these cans. Being an owner of the JVC HARX700 I of course didn't want to believe that an even cheaper headphone had my beloved bargain King beat.....a headphone that was only fractions away from my Audio Technica ATH-A700. How could a headphone even cheaper and miles ahead actually exist I asked myself?   When I received the package I was actually impressed with the packaging. A clear outer box with a 3/4 sized inner box that covers most of the headphone except for one cup. While it isn't a wood box lined with velvet....who would expect that in a sub $30 headphone? I was prepared to be utterly dissapointed at some...
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Head-Fi.org › Assimilator702 › Reviews by Assimilator702