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As good a value as exists in the world of audio.


Pros: Spectacular bass, rich, engaging mids, great soundstage depth, and excellent detail retrieval.

Cons: A bit hot in the upper-most treble, and some upper-mid coloration

After using IEMs almost exclusively, I decided that it was about time to step into the realm of full-sized cans. I wasn't about to spend $1000, but I still wanted better than mid-fi sound. My options were pretty limited, and it came down to either the HD600 or the HE-400. In the end I decided that, despite the HD600's more refined sound, that the HE-400 had what I was looking for (tight, linear bass, excellent detail, and a 3D image). So I pulled the plug on the HE-400 (and a pair of velour pads), and never looked back.  My first impression was a good one, and they sounded exactly as I expected them to based on measurements and first-hand accounts. Bass I'm not at all a bass-head....
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Head-Fi.org › Alondite › Reviews by Alondite