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Warning, now entering audiophile territory!


Pros: Amazing Sound Quality, Tunable Bass, Replaceable Cables, Great Micro-phonics, Excellent build quality, Looks, Value for Money, 2 Year Guarantee

Cons: The housing is a bit huge. If you seek isolation, the stock tips will not cut it for you.

Anyone aspiring to be an audiophile would have heard the name of these IEMs, they are one of the very best around and only a few are in the same league as this one. The IE80 was released a few years ago, following the IE8 which was for a long time, the best that Sennheiser had to offer in this regard. Lets cut the introduction short. This review is not an Audiophile perspective. Its just my experience after one years usage. While it may not give you side by side comparisons with rival products, it will give you an idea of what the IE80 truly is. Short version of review: ------------------------ If I had to tell you about the IE80 in one line, then I would say, you will not be...
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Head-Fi.org › jnxr › Reviews by jnxr