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Reviews by: JWahl

True High End personal audio, at a High End price


Pros: Top to bottom tonal balance, micro detail, bass texture and dynamics

Cons: Price

First off, special thanks to Todd at TTVJ for allowing me to take part in the HE-1000 loaner program.   This will be short and sweet, as I realized I'm not as good at coming up with reviews as I thought I might be.   I primarily compared this to my Sennheiser HD800.  Utilizing a Schiit Yggdrasil as DAC and Trafomatic head 2 on 4 Pin XLR out.   The HE-1000 has an unmistakable planar signature, such as it's lightning fast transient speeds, and ability to really dig into the bass.  Unlike many planar headphones I've listened to, it also does quite well in presenting a convincing soundstage, though it's not quite as expansive as the HD800.  Micro detail...
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Head-Fi.org › JWahl › Reviews by JWahl