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Very good sound at very low price


Pros: Enough bass for his size, very good mids and impressive higs. Very detailed and natural sound without any color even at very low volume.

Cons: Good SPL volume for small rooms about 10-15m2. For bigger rooms and louder sound look other way...

For 41€ on amazon I bought a bargain. It sounds really really well even for 100€. If you know Trevi or Magnat speakers you know his OEM Microlab. This speakers are the same as remarked Trevi AV540 and use the same tweeter and mid-sub that Magnat Monitor Supreme 100.

My most well expended 20€!!


Pros: Price, awesome sound quality for the price.

Cons: Bright and recesed mids

After a year with this amazing cans i think i can say a couple of things.   How the hell they can make this cans for this price?? China it's the answer...   Value:   This cans are amazing for only 20€, they do an unexpected sound quality for the price. It's not a Giant Killer but it's a Mini Giant Killer (MGK), i own a Sennhesier HD555 and -for sound quality- the HD668B are at the same level no doubt, but for 1/4 of the price.  If you like the music and want to experiment audiophile sensations but haven't soo much money i can't imagine better 20€ on sound equipment.    Audio Quality:   Taking appart the price and forgetting the...
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Head-Fi.org › Remior › Reviews by Remior