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ATH-M50s - Best $100.00 headphone for my money


Pros: Big Bass, Good Highs, comfortable, affordable audio

Cons: spring on cord pulls away from jack :(

Bought off another headfi member used but in excellent condition.  Very impressed with bass impact.  Sounds great through tubes or Soild State.  Great audiophile introduction headphone.  The Audio Technica ATH-M50s has found a place in my arsenal directly underneath the "big three".

Not worth the Price point


Pros: detailed highs, people ask questions while wearing

Cons: BRIGHT, muddy, uncomfrtable

Was not happy with the 325i.  Very bright sounding through most of my musical catalog.  Sounded very detailed at low volume.  Bass response was surprisingly deep.  Very forward sound signature.  Good headphone for metal and very fast.  Comfort is terrible.  Only torrerable at low volumes for my ears, even tamming with soft tubes.  I traded these for AKG K 701's, which was my happiest audiophile moment to date  :)
Head-Fi.org › Zub-a-Roo › Reviews by Zub-a-Roo