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Decent, low cost amp for bass lovers


Pros: Tiny, light weight, long lasting, simple

Cons: No on/off controls

This is my review of the new Brainwavz AP001 headphone amplifier. Audrey(Salsera on here) sent me one for this review, thanks!   For starters, let me say I'm not a really big fan of portable amps. I like my portable rig as simple as possible to reduce bulk and make it easier to travel with. As such, I usually only try out smaller amps like the FiiO E5/6, they don't need to be stacked and are easier to use inline. But even they are a bit too bulky for me, so I rarely used them at all. The AP001, on the other hand, is truly tiny, only 38x38x12.2mm and weighing in at a featherweight 15.5g!! Inline, it's hardly even noticeable, making it a truly usable amp, at least to me.  ...
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Head-Fi.org › dragon2knight › Reviews by dragon2knight