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They'll surprise you... trust me...


Pros: Inexpensive, light weight, fairly comfy - no inner-ear fatigue, S-M-L expanding foam tips included.

Cons: A bit small which makes it difficult to put in the ear by pinching between tumb/index, some cable microphonics, cheap plastic construction.

I bought these a year ago while on vacation at the Cabin for a month, after finding out I left my Shure SE210's on the couch while packing! I was at Best Buy, so not exactly the ideal place to be shopping, but it's slim-pickings in Alaska lol I wasn't going to pay more than $30, and most of the stuff I actually was interested in were iSheeple's iPhones, so I wasn't going to risk trying out a 4-ring plug and have it not work. After checking out all the available specs on the various models they offered there, I came to the conclusion that these were the best (at 8Hz - 23kHz)... so I bought 'em. Isolation on these is pretty decent, which I can't say I was expecting them to provide as much...
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Head-Fi.org › Formula350 › Reviews by Formula350