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Sennheiser HD595 - a great product!


Pros: Comfort, Soundstage, Sex Appeal, Clean Highs, Stable Mids, Balanced Lows

Cons: Plasticy, soundstage could be a bit better defined, 1/4" jack a problem for many

This is my first review for Head-Fi. I'm already sorry about my wallet... (snicker )     8 hours I spent laboring throughout the night deciding what headphones to spend my Christmas money on, and I certainly found a worthy competitor (or champion, rather).  I am a humble amateur audio enthusiast who has owned, hear me - TWO sets of headphones. The first was a pair of Koss Portapros, highly regarded by audio-nuts, and I definitely agreed. But let me tell you something - THE SENNHEISERS BLOW THE KOSS OUT OF THE WATER...  I will cover several aspects of the headphones, including:  1. Delivery  2. Construction quality  3. Comfort ...
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Head-Fi.org › Troy Davis › Reviews by Troy Davis