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Not what I was hoping for..


Pros: Comfort and weight. Airy sound.

Cons: lack of coherence, no sub bass, harsh upper mids.

Ok, this is a headphone that I've been meaning to try out for a while. So after spending most of the day with them I'm going to give a few quick impressions. (I don't believe in burn-in mechanically with dynamic drivers)   I've listened to all my usual recordings for testing equipment, from ECM Jazz, recent top notch classical recordings, Ambient from the likes of Tim Hecker, BT, Jon Hopkins. and some favorite rock Zepplin, Black Crowes. REM.   This is just my opinion...    First impression was very good, smaller soundstage than what I was expecting but nice and airy. They are soo light! You can forget that you are wearing them.    Going...
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Head-Fi.org › LugBug1 › Reviews by LugBug1