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My entry into Head-Fi


Pros: American made, agressive but clean

Cons: uncomfortable headband, scruffy? earpads

The bass is somewhat weak, but very well controlled. The SR125i is easily better than the SR80i, though I question how much of the clarity is due to the 8 conductor cable over the 80i's 4. Compared to the SR225 (non-i) I could not tell much, if any difference. The 225 did have the L pads, which, given my experience with the S, I wish I had tried. Outside of that, I believe the slight (very slight) improvement is probably partially due to the 225s metal grill. The plastic seems like it could be somewhat restrictive by comparison, though given that, a 125i and a bit of fun modding one of the most modder friendly headphones out there seems a better bet than a 225. The 225i may have convinced...
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Head-Fi.org › sml1226 › Reviews by sml1226