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Review Hifiman HE560


Pros: awesome bass, excellent detailed mids, light formfactor,

Cons: treble can be a little overly edgey

Video review below  

Excellent fun sounding headphone


Pros: great mids, well controlled bass, most interesting highs I've ever heard

Cons: high clamping force

The headphone modding industry has been slowly heating up as more and more cottage industries pop up. Luis Flores, creator of the Paradox, has taken it a step further by going out and sourcing his own custom built drivers and tuning it to his liking.The Enigma is a departure from what I'm used to hearing from Luis in that it's voiced to be a potent sounding fun headphone. Even so, it still shares a bit of the DNA that the Paradox is known for. Curious to see what I'm talking about? If so hit the play button below, sit back, and enjoy my latest review.  

Review: The V-MODA M-100 headphone


Pros: Great pounding bass, excellent depth, good sound stage, great headphone for electronicas or hip hop, forgiving of bad source

Cons: mids can be a tad to laid back for some people, slight bleed into lower mids, not a good choice if you're not a bass head

Review: The Noble Audio 4 Universal IEM


Pros: Great mid range clarity, nice big sound stage, nice prat, nice quick detailed bass

Cons: would have liked to see more extension in the lows, can be sibilant with badly mastered music,


Review: The iFi iCAN Amp


Pros: Fun settings to play with, good amp for the new enthusiast looking for his/her first amp,

Cons: can sound a little hot in the treble with some headphones when 3D boost is used, slight bleed into lower mids when max bass boost is used


A Titan Amongst Sub 150 Dollar Amps


Pros: great price, nice full bass, excellent pairing with the Q701,

Cons: tube ringing when plugging in headphones.

Very few times in this hobby have I run across a piece of gear that's turned me into a rabid raving lunatic fan boy.   The Vali is a nondescript no frills entry level tube amp weighing in at a lowly 119.00 bones. Whats special about this little amp is the phrase "entry level" is deceiving when you take into account what its capable of. Compared to far pricier amps the Vali may lack fineness but in still exudes tons of control and detail over the gear it drives. So much so I have no qualms saying that its the titan amongst other amps of its price bracket and in many ways a predator capable of embarrassing some gear out there that's two or three times its MSRP.   You don't...
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Review: The V-MODA XS


Pros: good highs, fluid mids, excellent female vocals, decent air between instruments, slightly expanded sound stage compared to original M80

Cons: noise idolation is only decent, would have liked just a tad more detail in the mids, wish cables had been improved

Copied and pasted directly from the description section of my YouTube video   Over two years ago Val Kolton, the CEO of V-Moda, sent me his then recently released M80 Crossfade on ear mobile headphone. He sent it to me, and others, free of charge in exchange for a review noting the pluses and minuses of his new product. It was my very first official review for a company and the online community of head-fi. Unknown to me, two plus years later my rants and ravings over gear have yet to stop. In my mind it was Val Kolton and his M80 who started me down this path of pseudo armchair audio gear reviewer.   The XS isn't a new product but a tweaked product that builds off the...
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