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A top notch IEM at a truly affordable price....


Pros: Price vs Performace, High quality build, Sound Signature I absolutely enjoy

Cons: Currently using a tupperware container for a pouch

Price – Approx $73 Canadian   Preface : I am just a typical guy / father of three young children who loves music and has been a member of the head-fi for approximately 4 years. I have no background in music and work in IT for my career.   I have been fortunate enough to own some TOTL headphones / IEMS over the years (HD800, LCD2.2, T1, Heir Audio 8A Customs, etc…) and the words I type are my own personal opinion of a product that was given to me for the intent of evaluation.   Rock Jaw has sent me two set of head/ear phones to evaluate: The Alfa Genus and the Acero.   This review will only reflect my honest thoughts on the Alfa Genus since they are the only...
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Head-Fi.org › dgcrane › Reviews by dgcrane