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The DACMagic - Superb performance, reasonable price


Pros: Tonnes of inputs, selection of digital filters, accurate sound reproduction

Cons: USB implementation not up to par

I'll skip the Stereophile-style pre-review ramble and get straight into the thick of things. Review split into sections for clarity.   Build Quality: Solidly constructed, in a pleasing matte black finish; gold plating is used on inputs/outputs where applicable. There isn't really much to take umbrage at.   Features: A plethora of inputs and outputs - 2 sets of digital inputs, both accepting the signal via either coax or optical. There is also a USB input - this accepts 16/44 data or below, whilst the other inputs can manage 24/96. Balanced and unbalanced outputs are offered and to top it all the DACMagic offers a variety of different digital filters (3) and the ability...
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Head-Fi.org › Willakan › Reviews by Willakan