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Best Earbuds for the $$$$


Pros: Customizable fit, good seal, great audio range

Cons: expensive, cord not replaceable

I first heard of Westone when standing in line for the iPhone 4. A guy in line had a pair of Westone 3's and let a few people try them. I was blown away, could not believe they were that much better than the BOSE IE I was currently using. After discovering the price, I put any thoughts out of my head of purchasing.   Fast forward a few months and after a stroke of good fortune, (the cat eating though the cord of my BOSE IE's) my wife said I should replace them with the Westone's (did I mention I have a great wife :) )   They come with about a dozen different ear pieces you can fit on the monitors, allowing most people with normally shaped eardrums to find the perfect...
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Head-Fi.org › IcemanYVR › Reviews by IcemanYVR