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An impressive premium dynamic in-ear that may surprise you!


Pros: Good tonal balance with the right tips. Real bass extension without the bloat. Excellent build quality and fit.

Cons: Sits in a very competitive price range.

    Introduction...   COMPANY   South Korean company UCOTECH (formerly UBIQUO) might be a new name for the west.  But it has been around for about seven years and has roots going back much farther.  Started by a former employee of Cresyn (OEM maker and Phiaton) and Sambon (OEM with JVC Victor), the company has been making only earbuds up until now.  Although earbuds still sell a little bit in Asia, everyone is focused on IEMs; and now so is UCOTECH.  Their first creation is somewhere between upper entry-level and middle-range (street price 149,000₩ or ~145 USD), though from the looks of the IL300 you would think that...
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Head-Fi.org › Mkubota1 › Reviews by Mkubota1