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Glow One


Pros: Clarity of sound. SET detail.Runs Isos from phone socket!

Cons: None

Bought as much because it LOOKED cute! Plus it is SET and.....well, I NEEDED a headphone amp for bedside use, didn't I? (Though my 595s run from iPod direct?) The Cream pearl finish is excellent. The colour change light around the volume dial is fun. The sound is great. detailed and th amp itself is quiet despite being valve! Rediscovered how good my (bought in 72!) Wharfedale Isodynamics sounded last year, and even though they need direct speaker connection to really sing, they sound pretty fine thru' the Glow! nd the phone socket runs them slightly better than the speaker o/p, for some reason. Am listening to it as I type, playing through $20K Ocellia speakers and-ultimate bass...
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Head-Fi.org › Ocellia › Reviews by Ocellia