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Well-balanced BA earphones with hard-hitting bass and excellent separation

I upgraded from the CK7 and am very pleased with the sound on these. Much more bass extension than the CK7s, good separation, sounds very balanced overall. Reading what's been said about the CK90Pros, a lot seems to apply to the CK70Pro as well - slightly dark, very neutral, hard-hitting bass for a BA earphone.    They seem to have the same cables and plug as the CK90Pro (from pictures of the latter) but there is a chin slider - not a very good one, because it's slightly too loose for the thin cables, but with a bit of pinching it does its job over time. The fit is all right, I'm not quite used to the long stem on these and you definitely won't be able to lie on your side with them...
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Head-Fi.org › xer0x › Reviews by xer0x